Overwhelmed by Stuff? Consider consigning at Hiz & Herz

It is a great opportunity to come together with other members of the community to sell your quality, name-brand items and simplify your life.

What is Consignment?

A consignment sale is an event organized by an individual(s) where contributors bring items for resale. Some items may be used and some may be new. Most sales have the following elements; Consignor Registration, Item Drop Off, Pre-Sales, Public Sales, 1/2 Price Days, and Item Pick Up. Contributors bring their items to the sale in receive a portion of the profit from the sale of their item. If you have quality name brand clothes, small furniture and appliances, videos, books, games, etc. we would love for you to participate!


Why You Should Consign at Hiz & Herz

By choosing Hiz & Herz, you can sell your items in a great atmosphere surrounded by other sellers. Your items will demand a higher sale price than at a garage/yard sale without all the hard work of organizing one. Hiz & Herz provides a large, clean, well lit facility to display your merchandise for the thousands of customers that attend each sale. 

Sit Back and Relax

Let us do the hard work

After you tag and drop off your items, you are done until the sale is finished. No more no sitting out in the heat or rain hosting a tedious garage sale.

Make Money

Earn 70% or more

Hiz & Herz consignors determine their own prices and they receive 70% of the selling price. Volunteer for 10+ hours to earn more!

Shop Early

Before the General Public

Shop the best of our inventory before we open to the public at the exclusive Pre-Sale Event for our consignors and volunteers. 

Pick Up or Donate

The choice is yours

At Hiz & Herz, you are not required to volunteer to pick up your unsold items at the close of the sale unlike other consignment sales.

How it Works

Here's a step by step of the Hiz & Herz process. At Hiz & Herz, we aim to make the experience easy for our contributors. To learn more, view our consignor guidelines or contact us if you have any questions.



After reading the consignor details, complete our registration form agreeing to the details. During registration, you select your drop-off time and your preferred tagging method.


Collect and Tag Items

Gather acceptable items to sell and tag them using our tagging instructions. Items must be tagged properly to be accepted at drop-off.


Drop Off

During your scheduled drop-off appointment, your items are checked for properly applied tags and quality. You will also sign our consignor agreement and receive your Pre-Sale Spectacular pass for you and 1 guest.


Shop Early

As a Hiz & Herz consignor, you have the chance to shop the sale before it opens to the public. Consignors, along with 1 guest, can start shopping at 3pm the day before the Public Sale.


Pickup Unsold Items

At the close of the sale, you can either pick up your unsold items or choose to donate them. It is the responsibility of the consignor to collect all of their unsold items, any remaining items will be donated.


Receive Payment

After collecting your unsold items, you proceed to the payment table where you sign the pick-up disclosure and your funds will be disbursed.

I'm Ready to Consign, Now What?

If all of this sounds great to you and you are ready to get started, click below for all of the details of becoming a consignor with Hiz & Herz.