Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning

  • Biz - great for all types of stains - soaking clothing in a sink with water and a lot of Biz is the first treatment for most stains. Great for stained shoe laces and cuffs. Just soak and then wash as directed the washer. On white fabrics, Clorox bleach on a toothbrush is good spot remover.
  • Goop - hand cleaner - good for grease - goes on without water - apply liberally and let sit, then put in regular wash cycle. Found at Wal-Mart and hardware stores.
  • Carbona Stain Remover - various solutions for many types of fabric - the rust solution is a very good one. Found at Kroger and many other stores.
  • Tilex - great for mildew stains on white fabrics. Remember, it is a bleach! Must be used carefully, especially on colored fabrics. On whites, spray on and let sit - just rinse if blue spots occur. On colored fabrics, it's easy to cause bleach spots, but carefully spray on and rinse quickly. Using tilex on colored fabrics is really a last resort.
  • Rit Dye color remover - another last resort, but can be effective. Follow the directions carefully. On small stained areas, it is easier to use the stove-top method, but for larger loads, use the washer.
  • Hot Water - is great for kool-aid and jello-type stains. Hold fabric taunt and pour from a height. Soak or repeat if necessary. Comes out every time!
  • Krud Kutter - found at Home Depot and Wal-Mart in the paint section. Great for clothing stains, however, do not let it sit on clothes long, it will cause bleeding between fabric colors and can cause yellowing!

Shoes and Plastic Items

  • White oxford-type shoes - Use a spray preparation solution (found at shoe stores) on scuffs and marks. For scratches that have taken off the original color, use shoe spray. Instead of spraying directly on the shoe, causing a caked-on look, spray onto wax paper. Then dab at the scratch with a foam paintbrush. This will give a smoother finish. Don't forget to soak the laces in Biz while you're doing this!
  • Oops latex paint remover - great for getting all kinds of stains, marks, and stickers off plastic. If the item is made of thin plastic, test a small area before cleaning. On stubborn marks, use steel wool. Wear rubber gloves. Found at Wal-Mart and hardware stores.

Some helpful websites for getting out stains:

Disclaimer: Hiz & Herz is in no way endorsing the use of any of the above products (name brands) or methods. These are tips used by myself and other individuals that have worked. Follow manufacturer instructions for use and check the care label of your garments. We are in no way liable for damage done to any piece of merchandise as a result of the use of tips on our website.

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