Consignor Guidelines

  1. If you are interested in becoming a consignor with Hiz & Herz, please complete the online registration as soon as possible. Space is limited. We make dropping off your items easy with many convenient drop off times available. View registration fees in the FAQs.
  2. You must have a minimum of 30 items per consignor to participate. You may not combine your items with another consignor.
  3. Clothing items must be clean. Items with stains, missing buttons, holes, worn knees, or broken zippers, or out of style will not be accepted for the sale. All items will be inspected.
  4. All battery-operated or electronic items must be in working condition. We have batteries and electrical outlets available for testing if needed during drop-off. All items must be clean and have all pieces included. Items requiring assembly must be fully assembled by the consignor prior to or at drop-off. Please bring any tools necessary for assembly. Again, all items will be inspected.
  5. Consignors will receive 70% of their sales. The registration fee is determined by the tagging method you choose and will be paid at time of registration.
  6. Consignors will receive a shopping pass to shop the Pre-Sale Spectacular the day prior to the public sale. Check out our volunteer page for details on how to get in to the Pre-Sale Spectacular earlier.
  7. Hiz & Herz utilizes a barcode system to allow for a faster check-out experience and to provide an accurate account of your sales. A barcode must be affixed to ALL of your items prior to your drop-off time. We do not have space for tagging during drop offs.  View our tagging instructions for more information.
  8. We will not accept items that are tagged from a different sale. You MUST use a new tag that meets our standards.
  9. You may collect unsold items during Unsold Item Pick-Up. Any items not picked up during this time will be donated.
  10. Checks will be mailed the Monday following the sale.
  11. If you are no longer able to consign after paying your registration fee, we will issue a $19 refund (incl tax) through the date the sale registration closes.  Once the sale registration closes, there will be no refund. Log in to your portal account to cancel.

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