Unsold Items and Pickup

Pick-Up Day

All items MUST be picked up during your scheduled time at The Omaha Sports Complex. All unsold items MUST BE REMOVED by 4 pm.  All items remaining on the floor will be donated. See schedule for details.

Collecting Unsold Items

You will be responsible for collecting your unsold items. Your items should be found in the same category (ie clothing, bedding, books) as you dropped them off. It may help to bring a large plastic container with you to carry your unsold items home. We will have a designated area for items pulled from the floor for various reasons such as lost tag, stains/rips/holes, wrong season, wrong sale, etc.  It is your responsibility to check to see if any items in the area belong to you.

All sales are final and Hiz & Herz is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. We are also not responsible for unsold items due to lost tags.

Receiving Payment

Your sales profits will be mailed the Monday following the sale. See schedule for details.